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Pensions to protect and empower older people

Kwa Wazee operates its pilot programme since 2003 in the Muleba District in Tanzania - an area which was strongly affected by the consequences of HIV/Aids. Cash transfers in the form of social pensions for older people and child supplements for main carers have proved to be highly effective against severe poverty.

Mutual support groups to strengthen self help capacities

The facilitation of neighbourhood groups offered opportunities to strengthen health prevention and care as well as physical and legal security. Children in care of older people are strengthened as well through an own network of mutual support groups.

Research as essential part of the pilot programme

Several studies provide evidence on opportunities and challenges from the Kwa Wazee programme. The most recent study shows the various impacts of the programme and informs about how older people can be reached with social pensions even in a most remote area.

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Your donation helps to protect older people and their dependents from severe poverty and it gives them dignity and respect in their community.

Even small amounts show a big impact. In 2015
120 US $ will be sufficient to pay a pension to an older person for a whole year.

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Our Project Region

Kagera is located in the northwestern corner of Tanzania on the western shore of Lake Victoria. This region is characteristic of many landlocked parts of Africa which are largely dependent on subsistance agriculture and where poverty of older people is particularly widespread.